Under Pressure.

Facility and chamber details

The chamber

The pressure chamber is primary designed to meet the challenging demands for conducting tests on VITROVEX® glass enclosures and related products and has been optimised in terms of speed, accuracy, and robustness over traditional pressure test facilities.

Due to the innovative design, time consuming fastening of the closing cap is not necessary and hence, reduces the stand-by time significantly.

The pressure vessels’ location within Nautilus Marine Service’s premises can easily be accessed by a truck or trailer that can drive right up to the assembly area in front of the test facility. The vertical loading system with a basket allows easy loading of components and hook-up of test equipment. Two 5 tonne overhead cranes can be used for heavy test pieces.

Pressure testing safely

Safety is at the core of successful pressure test services. Our test operators have received appropriate training and instruction and comply with European Directives on health and safety. Regular inspection and preventive maintenance are carried out by Nautilus Marine Service GmbH.

The operator can easily and accurately monitor the testing from a separated operations room. An ultra-large analogue pressure gauge makes the pressure testing facility visually impressive for public viewing. A red/green light column at the top to inform people nearby about the status of the vessel. A green light indicates no pressure testing ongoing. A red light indicates that chamber is pressurized.

Our pressure test facility has three emergency stop buttons located on the control panel and close to the pressure chamber. Full UPS-supported, it activates a fail-safe shutdown should there be an electrical outage.

Hyperbaric Chamber dimensions

Chamber orientation: Vertical
Internal diameter: 700mm
Internal length: 1400mm
Maximum pressure rating/water depth: 1.300bar (18.850psi) / 13.000m
Working temperature: Ambient



The pressure vessel is conveniently located in close proximity to a workshop to support in situ assemblies and final adjustments prior to tests. Commonplace tools and consumables can be provided on site. There is also a large assembly area just in front of the pressure vessel.

The workshop can be used as space to setup and run computers and other monitoring equipment. Access to internet can also be given.

Loading and unloading of test items

The pressure vessel is equipped with a bespoke basket for easy loading and unloading of test equipment. Adjustable locating plates with cut-outs simplify the procedure for fixing the position of several test pieces relatively to one another. In such way, cameras and lights can be brought close to potential investigation spots and monitored during the test.

Chamber Penetrations

We can realize customised electrical, mechanical and data connections to meet our customers’ testing requirements.

The following penetrators [pdf, 57KB] are already integrated in the pressure vessel lid:


  • BH5F/DLSB-F + extension cable BH5M/1100mm/BH5M
  • BH10F/DLSB-F + extension cable BHFM/1100mm/BHFM


  • BH5M/DLSB-M + extension cables 
  • BH10F/DLSB-F+ extension cables

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