Under Pressure.

Hyperbaric Pressure Chamber
Test facility of Nautilus Marine Service GmbH

The pressure chamber

Nautilus Marine Service GmbH operates a hyperbaric pressure test chamber with capability that extends to full ocean depth and beyond. The pressure test chamber is available to outside clients also to carry out contracted pressure testing.

Nautilus Marine Service is a German-based company that manufactures deep sea pressure housings made of VITROVEX® glass.

The pressure chamber is primary designed to meet the challenging demands for conducting tests on VITROVEX® glass enclosures and related products and has been optimised in terms of speed, accuracy, and robustness over traditional pressure test facilities.

Key Features

Pressures up 1.300 bar (18.850 psi)
Inner dimensions
diameter: 700mm
length: 1.400mm
Computer-controlled with diagnosis and quality control
Extremely short preparation time
Programmable pressure gradient and cycles sequences
High degree of control accuracy with 0.5 bar
Video monitoring and recording
Electrical penetrations
Basket to accommodate enclosures with assorted sizes
Certificate and provision of test data
Excellent value for money

Your Benefits

Nautilus Marine Service offers access to the following range of services and benefits, in addition to their selected testing services:

  • Complimentary use of offices and access to internet
  • Remote access to monitor test execution
  • Logistics of test components across the world
  • Temporarily storage of test components prior / after test
  • Free use of available dummy plugs and commonplace tools

What costs are to be expected?

Costs vary depending on how complex the test arrangement is and if tests could be scheduled simultaneously determined by the size of test objects and requested pressure profiles. The price is calculated based on an hourly rate plus our efforts for setup and customization such as preparation of test basket, camera, provision and termination of electrical penetrators and filler plugs etc. In addition to the selected testing service, Nautilus Marine Service offers access to additional services and benefits.

Who is Nautilus Marine Service GmbH?

Nautilus Nautilus Marine Service is a German-based specialized company that manufactures deep sea pressure housings made of VITROVEX® glass. The company was founded in 1985 and has been investing continuously in people and technology to maintain the technical leadership in the products on offer. Nautilus Marine Service is closely associated with regional distributors around the world and exports over 90% of its VITROVEX® glass products to more than 30 countries. All well-known marine research facilities are among these customers.


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